Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Areas:

As an executive coach, I specialize in two primary areas

  1. Assisting people who are experiencing a significant transition in their work and/or personal life.
  2. Helping people develop leadership and/or management skills.

Executive Coaching Guidelines:

  1. All conversations between the coachee and me will be kept confidential. This is true even if the employer pays for the sessions.
  2. You, the coachee, establish what you want to work on.
  3. You, the coachee, decide how often to meet. Sessions can be weekly, monthly, or episodic. I have worked with individuals for as little as one hour and for as long as several years.

Rates and Terms:

Executive coaching services are $150 an hour. Discount rates are available for individuals employed with the nonprofit or government.

You can also download a copy of my coaching services or my resume.

E-mail: jay@BloomAnew.com
Cell: 503-381-2649

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